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“It is lovely and good to want to protect the world. You are part of the world too.” - Laura Girard 

Not-Aligned Self

As a Daring Liberator you may find it easy to break the rules for others, challenge the powers that be for the sake of advocating for others, but when it comes to you…you find this much trickier. You tend to see yourself through others and give to others the love, safety, and liberation you yourself are longing for. 
You may notice yourself thinking “There’s too much to do, not enough time, too many needs.” 
You may notice a feeling of bitterness and resentment creeping in, but you tamp it down because you deeply desire to see the best.

Aligned Self

You are deeply compassionate and give generously to others. You show up powerfully in your life bringing others together with confidence and pursuing your ideas with unmatched passion. You have a beautiful and unique gift of seeing where needs exist, noticing feelings and meeting people exactly where they are at. You are a gifted leader to those around you because you lead from a place of deep understanding from your own personal experience. 
Think of being a leader in a broad sense. While you may not be the head of an organization, your energy is one that supports people naturally, and the world needs more of your personal brand of leadership.

Moving Forward

Use your natural ability to see and care for needs on yourself. Notice what you easily see is missing for those you care about, for those you work with. What you see others missing are likely areas in your own life that are longing for more attention.

Carve out space in your life where you are only responsible for you and can focus on your own care.  It may feel uncomfy at first or for a while, and that’s a good thing. That means change is happening. 

It’s important to be intentional about this because you may have been taught that it’s selfish and so it’s easy for you to brush off. 

The more you lean into this, the more you will be able to offer yourself and others. This will make you a more powerful and compassionate leader and create more peace and connection in your life.


Daring Liberator,
May you own the gentle strength of who you are, standing fully in power, bringing others to yourself and to one another. May you always be as fierce of an advocate for yourself as you are of others.


Image by Mélody P

Daring Liberator

As The Daring Liberator,

you rise in trust of yourself

and the ground beneath your feet.


You are sure of your internal power as you speak with precise powerful words,

gather people together,

and speak to life

change in the lives of those around you.


Your presence is a powerful force for change

and you break all rules necessary to see everyone around you is


Paint Party-42.JPG

Hello Daring Liberator.

It’s so nice to meet you! 

My name is Christina Carlson.

I am a Life and Energy Coach, Speaker,

and the Host of the Podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers. 


I’m bold, queer, and a big fan of humans.


I absolutely adore sitting in space with people who are getting to know themselves, contemplating big change,

or little change that has big ramifications. 

Essentially through 1:1 coaching,

I like to sit on the edge with you.


Maybe there’s a fire there and we sit

side by side

staring out into the open space

of what could be. 


In my own life there have been many edges, and times where I needed to lean in

and feel my feelings

so I could jump to what is just beyond

that edge

and god dammit it’s hard sometimes.


Each time I follow this feeling,

it’s like my whole body is singing,

pulling me forward,

and then I say F*ck it, and jump.


I love helping you feel what you need to feel

so you can jump

into what you are really longing for,

what is on the other side.


We are often afraid of what we don’t know,

scared to move because of what might be.


I hold you in that space,

helping you grow your wings <3

Thought Treats


Bitches, Witches and Queers

For more on what it means to be a rule breaker in the world we live in check out this episode on my podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers where I interview powerful thought leaders on life, spirituality.

If you like raw, honest, and supportive content, You'll Love it.

Looking at the Flowers

Trusting Yourself

Check out this post where I talk about coming back to yourself and trusting

yourself: which increases your capacity to live your poetic magic ;)

🙌Check it out Here



Join me on Instagram! From ways to find your intuition, to tips on boundaries

and new perspectives on your healing journey,

I’ve got you covered!

Check out this Reel on trusting your worth.

What's Next?

Daring Liberator, 

Your ability to bring others together, amplify their good, and see the needs that have yet to be met are unparalleled. If you’ve found that in the course of your life you can’t seem to find room for your own desires, needs, or care, take notice. 
It might be time for you to become as big of an advocate for yourself as you have been for others. 
In my 1:1 Coaching work I specialize in supporting supportive leaders like you to create lives that care both for the causes they support and for themselves. A world where both you and the people you serve can thrive.
If you feel ready, I would love to hop on a call to see if I am the best fit to support you on this journey.
Click Below and let’s connect.

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