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Not-Aligned Self

As an Earthy Mystic you may find that you feel like the black sheep of the family, that you feel perpetually on the outside of things, like no one hears you or appreciates your voice. You have no problem doing things differently (breaking the rules) because you have maybe always felt a little different, a little deeper. You have a beautiful and sensitive soul that can connect deeply and sense a lot. This has potentially caused you to over indulge in distractions from reality to calm your overwhelmed self. This is your beautiful body's way of coping (seriously, how much of a genius is your body for continuing to find ways to cope in this overwhelming world??). 
You may find that doing this dulls your creative energy and your passion for making the things that light you up and that light others in your presence.

Aligned Self

At your best Earthy Mystic,
you are the voice for the pulse of the earth around you.
You are able to articulate and share truths about the human experience that bring feelings out into the open.
Your sensitivity is your greatest gift,
allowing you to be fueled by the pleasure of all of your senses,
and moving through the more difficult sensations with grace and poetry.
You are able to see where the rules are inhibiting our health as a whole,
and you seek the heart of connection to find answers.

Moving Forward

Be so so intentional about who you spend your time and energy with.
Surround yourself with people who not only see but celebrate the beauty of your sensitive and intuitive nature. 
Take time to be with yourself and your own experience of the world
where you can really revel in the beauty you see.
And intentionally build that community.
The more you own your sensitivity and intuitive nature as gifts for you and others, the more others who appreciate your magic will find you.

Earthy Mystic, 
May you trust your flow of energy and attention as guides to your inspiration. May you ground into each moment, trusting your naturally sensual nature to be with each experience and savor it fully.




Earthy Mystic

As The Earthy Mystic,

You walk with poetry and grace through fields and forests listening for connection with each step.

You know that all voices rise and fall together and that balance is key and that includes adding your own poetic voice to the symphony.

You are a dreamer and deep believer in the good in everything and everyone,

longing for deep connection with all life.

You break the rules where they inhibit connection,

always seeking to bring us back into right relationship.

Paint Party-42.JPG

Hello Earthy Mystic.

It’s so nice to meet you! My name is Christina Carlson.

I am a Life and Energy Coach, Speaker, and

the Host of the Podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers. 


I’m bold, queer, and a big fan of humans.


I absolutely adore sitting in space with people

who are getting to know themselves,

contemplating big change,

or little change that has big ramifications. 


Essentially through 1:1 coaching,

I like to sit on the edge with you.


Maybe there’s a fire there

and we sit side by side staring out into the open space

of what could be. 

In my own life there have been many edges,

and times where I needed to lean in

and feel my feelings so I could jump to what is just beyond

that edge and god dammit it’s hard sometimes.

Each time I follow this feeling,

that’s like my whole body is singing, pulling me forward, and 

then I say F*ck it, and jump.


I love helping you feel what you need to feel so you can jump into

what you are really longing for, 

what is on the other side. 

We are often afraid of what we don’t know,

scared to move because of what might be.

I hold you in that space,

helping you grow your wings <3


Thought Treats


Bitches, Witches and Queers

For more on what it means to be a rule breaker in the world we live in check out this episode on my podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers where I interview powerful thought leaders on life, spirituality.

If you like raw, honest, and supportive content, You'll Love it.

Looking at the Flowers

Trusting Yourself

Check out this post where I talk about coming back to yourself and trusting

yourself: which increases your capacity to live your poetic magic ;)

🙌Check it out Here



Join me on Instagram! From ways to find your intuition, to tips on boundaries

and new perspectives on your healing journey,

I’ve got you covered!

Check out this Reel on trusting your worth.

What's Next?

Dearest Earthy Mystic, 

there is so much power in the perspective you bring to life

and the way you tie things together with words and the senses. 

In my 1:1 coaching work I specialize in supporting creative minds like yours

to bridge the poetic and the everyday. 

To create a life that is more you in every way, 

and fully embraces your unique way of seeing and viewing the world. 

If you feel ready, I would adore hopping on a call with you to hear about your life, 

your unique perspective and what you are dreaming

and hoping against hope could be possible for yourself. 

Click Below, and let’s connect.

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