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Modern Muse

As The Modern Muse you awaken with a yawn and a stretch.


Deeply attuned to your values,

you go about your day spending your time and energy in things that light you up

and fill you with joy,

which radiates to those around you. 

You have about you a quieter inspiration. 

You don’t need to shout and proclaim what you’re doing all of the time. 

When you do what you truly love and feel good about doing, 
you are magnetic and inspiring. 

You inspire others by breaking rules without the fanfare. 
You just do so casually and keep going. 

Not-Aligned Self

When disconnected from the self, the Modern Muse can lose themselves in trying to be pleasing to those around them, trying to keep peace, and in this process lose touch with their hearts desires, feelings, and needs. 
Feeling your emotions may seem like a lot. It may even seem that if you actually let yourself experience them fully you would cause harm. You might have experienced moments of your own anger that surprised you and scared you.
Under the surface there might be this belief that you need to get it “right” all the time to be good enough, for your family, your job, your life. And that you need to have exceeded your own expectations in order to allow yourself to experience pleasure or rest.

Aligned Self

At your best you are calmly powerful, doing what you do with attentive passion. You see things that others don’t and you aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions. You’ve done so many things in your life already, even when it scared you. You seek to know what is underneath things, like an explorer of your own mind and the world.
Your presence is a gift to those around you because who you are allows others to feel the freedom to be who they are. In this way you fully personify the Modern Muse: You inspire others by being you. 

Moving Forward

Take space and time to allow your feelings to come up in ways that feel safe to you. This could be painting once a week, a daily walk with no distractions, a yoga practice. You have deep passion under the surface that needs space to breathe.

Be very protective of your joy. Your joy can only be as free as the rest of your feelings are. Make space for yourself in your life to be heard. Journal, hire a coach or a therapist, voice note, shout in the car. Practice ways of moving through feelings so that they can move through your body instead of getting stuck. Your joy in life depends on this. You deserve to be loved as whole, not just the parts of you others find palatable.

Modern Muse, 
May you know that your strength lies in all of you being allowed to be present, that when you are deeply satisfied and delighted, what you offer to others is delicious and potent


Paint Party-42.JPG

Hello Modern Muse.

It’s so nice to meet you!

My name is Christina Carlson.

I am a Life and Energy Coach, Speaker,

and the Host of the Podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers. 

I’m bold, queer, and a big fan of humans.


I absolutely adore sitting in space with people who are getting to know themselves, contemplating big change,

or little change that has

big ramifications. 

Essentially through 1:1 coaching, I like to sit on the edge with you.

Maybe there’s a fire there

and we sit side by side staring out into the open space of what could be. 

In my own life there have been many edges, and times where I needed to lean in

and feel my feelings so I could jump

to what is just beyond that edge

and god dammit it’s hard sometimes.


Each time I follow this feeling,

that’s like my whole body is singing,

pulling me forward,

and then I say F*ck it, and jump.


I love helping you feel what you need to feel so you can jump

into what you are really longing for,

what is on the other side.

We are often afraid of what we don’t know, scared to move because of what might be.

I hold you in that space,

helping you grow your wings <3


Thought Treats


Bitches, Witches and Queers

For more on what it means to be a rule breaker in the world we live in check out this episode on my podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers where I interview powerful thought leaders on life, spirituality.

If you like raw, honest, and supportive content, You'll Love it.

Looking at the Flowers

Trusting Yourself

Check out this post where I talk about coming back to yourself and trusting

yourself: which increases your capacity to live your poetic magic ;)

🙌Check it out Here



Join me on Instagram! From ways to find your intuition, to tips on boundaries

and new perspectives on your healing journey,

I’ve got you covered!

Check out this Reel on trusting your worth.

What's Next?

Modern Muse,

The joy that is shared when you are able to do things

that delight you is unparalleled.

You have an incredible magnetic energy around you

when you are nourished and cared for,

first, by yourself. 

In your deep love, loyalty, and desire

for relational safety,

you sometimes sacrifice your own needs

for keeping the peace.

But you aren’t one of those hard boundaries people where you say

“no, and fuck what everyone else thinks,”

no, you deeply care how people around you feel.

You are looking for a way to have your own needs met

without destroying relationships that matter deeply to you.

You want connection and care and boundaries so everyone can thrive.

In my 1:1 Coaching work I specialize in supporting Loving and passionate people

like you

fan their own flame back to life in a connective and relational way

that feels good to you.

I help you move into a loving relationship with yourself

so you can offer even deeper love to those around you.


I would adore hopping on a call with you to chat about this more if you’re interested.

Click Below to connect with me!

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