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Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Christina and I am studying to be a Life Coach! I will be taking clients starting this upcoming Spring 2021!

I can't believe we have almost made it through 2020! Those of you who are here, I am impressed with you. We have done all of what we needed to survive and even thrive in some ridiculous and scary circumstances. Well done to you!

I am an avid learner, and am super fascinated by systems that involve people. How people operate and how they can live their best lives. I truly believe you know what is best for you, and I believe you are capable of going after it. I operate from the perspective that you have a unique path to walk and I find a ridiculous amount of joy in helping/watching you discover it.

No one lives your life but you. I want to support you to get there with a plan, real action, and incredible support.

All of that being said. This blog is mainly for subjects that I have found helpful in my own journey towards my best life, and that I think might help you as well. I will have book recommendations, my thoughts on subjects, and self-care practices that I think you might find interesting.

Thank you for showing up with your beautiful heart. I'm so glad to have you!

With Love,

Christina Carlson,

Life Coach

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Insta: @ChristinaCarlsonLifeCoach


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