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What if belief was actually meant to be a beautiful playground of making meaning that supports us?

I have this next to my bathroom mirror.

Beliefs have been tricky for me. After allowing all of the religious beliefs I had held onto for so long to fall away, I felt betrayed and scared.

What if I believe something "wrong" get sucked into something harmful?

What if I believe something that isn't true and I miss something important? Cause harm? Can't see my flaws?

Deep Breaths.

Can you feel your feet?

Okay. What if belief was actually meant to be a beautiful playground of making meaning that supports us?

Our minds are hardwired to make meaning. It is actually an extraordinary and beautiful thing about us. It is for this reason we make deep meaning of friendships, relationships, music. We are the ones adding the meaning.

This is scary when that meaning is forced on us and doesn't feel aligned to us.

From a place of sovereignty, where you say what fits and what doesn't this is a fucking powerful thing.

You get to choose what stories you hold onto, subscribe to, and what you let go of.


Let me tell you a secret:

You already know how to do this. As someone who has left a dogmatic or damaging religion behind, you know how this is done.

You trusted yourself to leave behind stories and meaning that did not align with you.

So what if now you trusted yourself with discovering and believing what does align with you?

What if you allowed yourself to play and feel what fits for you, knowing that you can let go when it doesn’t work for you?

This belief: That “I am exactly who I need to be today” tripped me up at first because I was like “but, what if I make mistakes? What if I fail?”

But then I realized….What could I gain from believing this? I could trust my worth, trust myself to have this skills to handle what arises. I could move through my day with more calm.

Does any harm come from believing this? No. If I find at some later point in life that it is no longer useful to me I will let it go.

Your beliefs are not you. They are aspects of you, the meaning you make of life.

And you get to choose.

So much Love,


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